Little Books

Little Bood
Little book about Sue

When I get stuck for ideas, it helps me to create a project that’s easy, fun, and not too precious.


Making little books give you a lot of freedom in a very short format.  You can finish it in a couple of hours.book4cYou can be philosophical and serious, or you can be as silly and stupid as you want to be.book4dIt’s a lot of fun to make a little book about someone.  My partner was my inspiration in this case.book4eIt’s a great way to experiment with a new medium or style.  It’s also a good way to test compositions and color strategies for larger pieces.book4fFor me, the best way is to work fast.  Don’t let it be too special or precious.  You’ll spoil the fun!book4gIf you have artist friends, it’s fun to trade with them.  I have a friend in Belgium who I have traded with.  It’s a lot of fun to send and receive little books.book4hHow do YOU get unstuck when you’re looking for ideas?book4i





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